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CEO Spotlight: Brandon Taubman’s Career in Data Analytics

Making the move the move across three different industries might seem like a haphazard career path. But for Brandon Taubman, there’s a methodical approach to every decision. That’s true from his own personal journey to the day-to-day tasks he takes on in every role he pursues. As a data scientist first and foremost, with over 15 years of experience, Taubman has been able to pivot into leadership positions in investment banking, sports management, and real estate portfolio management.

A Firm Foundation in Data Decision Making

Data drives Taubman. It’s the common thread in his professional and personal pursuits, seen even at a young age. He always gravitated toward formulas and equations that brought clarity to decision-making, hobbies, and even schoolwork. To this end, Taubman enrolled at Cornell University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Economics and Management.

Formally studying how numeric economic theories could point to trends in decision-making or real-world scenarios intrigued Taubman. Practical decision-making backed by data models was an in-demand skill in several industries, none more so than financial services. While some equate these professional services with reactive accounting and tax processes, Taubman embarked on a profession balancing speculation and data.

Brandon Taubman took to Wall Street valuing complex credit and equity derivatives for a variety of firms including Barclays Capital and Ernst & Young. These roles required a vast amount of modeling and predictive analytics to account for variables in portfolio management. Taubman excelled at factoring in a blend of market forces in an ever-changing economy to mitigate investment risk. Depending on the scenarios and creditor or debtor needs, commodities are purchased, sold, and traded for different risks and premiums.

A Numbers Game, Baseball, and Taubman

A life-long baseball fan, he had always loved following the sport and had been an avid fantasy baseball player before the hobby became mainstream. In fact, Taubman and his friends had created their own formulas and analytical models to manage their fantasy teams. Seeing first-hand how his background in analytics could be applied to baseball, he jumped at the chance to work for a professional team.

It’s a rare thing to be able to combine your favorite things into a single position, but that’s what happened with Taubman moving on to work for the Houston Astros. Essentially, Brandon Taubman traded in a career in trading and valuing derivatives to trading and valuing professional baseball players. Starting out as an economist for the team, a role quite familiar in a completely new setting, Taubman evaluated the team’s financial resources with an emphasis on data-based decision-making.

It didn’t take long for him to make an impact. With tasks including contract valuation, Taubman was in constant communication with management on decisions regarding player trades, signings, and extensions. Notably, his input helped the team decide to extend premier second baseman Jose Altuve’s contract. The choice stood out in part because of its evidence-based view of the talent pool, trends, statistical analysis, and player performance.

Taubman’s ability to balance risk and reward with a solid foundation in the data at hand stood out to the Astros’ ownership. He soon found himself climbing the ranks in roles as director of baseball operations, senior director, and ultimately assistant general manager for the team. More teams were looking for leadership that would set aside more traditionalist views of team management and leverage sabermetrics to maximize returns. The result was a team turned around with a Houston Astros 2017 World Series Championship.

Brandon Taubman Joins Stablewood Properties

Having proven the success that lies in applied analytics across financial and professional sports management, Brandon Taubmen decided to make his mark on the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Foregoing more traditional firms and approaches to the acquisition and, Taubman found a fitting home with Stablewood Properties as their Chief Information Officer. Based out of Houston, Stablewood distinguishes itself with a blend of real estate prowess and advanced analytics.

Taubman is able to bring together a storied career in data-based decision-making with risk mitigation for portfolio management. With experience leveraging different statistical analysis applications, he is in a unique position to recommend and manage firm-wide technologies. This approach helps differentiate Stablewood from other CRE companies that place less focus on

It helps differentiate Taubman, too. As CIO, he strategically leverages digital resources to guide investment decisions with unique approaches. Deal risk assessments position Stablewood as a leader in diversified management. But there’s much more that Taubman brings to the table. CRE demands speed, but clients also want as much security as the market or a firm can offer. Mastering predictive data analytics, Taubman leads the charge at Stablewood on competitive, investment, and compliance risk assessment.


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