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An Elegant Seaside Wedding in Malibu, California

Brandon Taubman (29, a baseball economist) first spotted Leah Perry (27, a finance professional) at the Ernst & Young headquarters in New York City. Her kind demeanor and ear-to-ear smile grabbed his attention. Leah had recently joined the internship program as a senior at University of Pennsylvania. Sadly, he never mustered the courage to approach her that summer. He did, however, get a second chance one year later when she accepted a full-time offer with EY. So Brandon pulled out all of his moves - offering technical assistance and Excel tutorials at work, arranging for exclusive lunches (allegedly paid for by their “Peer Mentor Program”). At first Leah was oblivious to Brandon’s efforts, but he had successfully laid the groundwork. Finally, one Sunday at a post-game happy hour, they kissed for the first time. Brandon and Leah held their wedding ceremony and reception at the beautiful outdoor Cypress Sea Cove. The private estate located deep in Malibu was exactly what the couple were looking for. The house which sits on the grounds gives a Cape Cod vibe, and is surrounded by expansive breath-taking views of the ocean. They knew we wanted to be on the California coast and make a mini destination wedding out of it, since so many of their guests were from out-of-town and had never been to California. For their wedding and reception, Brandon and Leah wanted to go for a combination of rustic and modern. Think: raw wooden tables and platters, old lace runners, bronze candlesticks and mercury glass lanterns. The main flowers were yellow straw flowers, green succulents and white dahlias. Brandon and Leah also wanted food to be a major focus of their wedding. They provided extensive appetizers and a sit-down dinner, as well as a fully-stocked dessert bar and signature cocktails and teas.


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